News from our Locals

UCOMM Live: Should the TSA go on Strike?

5 days 8 hours - UCOMM Blog - Teachers make a stand in Los Angeles and we ask should TSA agents walk out. Dems want to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, should Congress not get paid...

Let them Vote Mitch

5 days 7 hours - UCOMM Blog - It is Day 28 of the government shutdown and another week has passed without federal workers getting paid.

NJ Leaders Agree on a Deal for a $15 Minimum Wage

5 days 7 hours - UCOMM Blog - The Fight for $15 is celebrating another victory as New Jersey is set to become the fourth state to increase their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Another Trump Con: Foxconn Doesn't Meet Hiring Goal

2 days 6 hours - UCOMM Blog - Just a year ago, Trump and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker touted the Foxconn project as a major economic stimulus to the Badger state. However, with the promise...

The Children of Parents who Hate

2 days 6 hours - UCOMM Blog - When his buddies were forced or agreed, to go on a trip to Washington DC to protest a woman’s reproductive rights, it was probably over a girl - but who can...

Deal Reached for LA Teachers

1 day 6 hours - UCOMM Blog - After a week on strike, the second largest school district in America has reached a tentative agreement.

We Must Re-Instill Democracy in our Culture

1 day 6 hours - UCOMM Blog - On Monday, Long Island Federation of Labor Executive Director Roger Clayman spoke at the First Baptist Church in Riverhead New York about Dr. Martin Luther King...