NY Daily News: Public Sector Energy: A bad idea

Date Posted: 
Monday, February 10, 2020
Syracuse: Re "Protesters rap Cuomo climate plan" (Jan. 27), specifically the comment by Gustavo Gordillo, organizer with the NYC Democratic Socialists of America, that "we need to tax the rich and create publicly owned utilities to build renewable energy, green homes, and good union jobs for all": As the democratically elected union leaders that represent New York's power professionals, we disagree with the suggestion that our employers move from the private to the public sector.
Gordillo suggests that organized labor supports publicly-owned utilities; our union does not. We agree that jobs related to new green technologies should be union jobs, but unfortunately, utility jobs are being eliminated at an alarming rate and there has been a failure to deliver good jobs.

The members of the IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State strongly oppose the state takeover of public utilities.
The environmental movement has not advanced the priorities of working men and woman. Many climate change activists have used the labor movement as a shield to advance a climate justice agenda. To date, the government and climate activists have demonstrated that creating good paying union jobs is a low priority.
IBEW Leadership stands ready to engage pragmatic energy and climate policy - this is not it, and may be among the most harmful proposals to date. We stand firmly opposed.