Natural Gas Roadway Excavation Bill is too Dangerous for New York

Date Posted: 
Monday, August 2, 2021
The IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State weighed in on opposition to legislation that would pay prevailing wage to conduct roadway excavation or street cutting. The problem with the legislation is that it does not define competency.
 "While this legislation is well intended the "roadway excavation quality assurance act" does nothing to ensure quality work is actually being performed.  Instead, it increases the wages for those that may have no experience or training in natural gas roadway excavation." said IBEW Utility Labor Council Chair Patrick Guidice.  Guidice is also Business Manager of IBEW Local 1049 on Long Island.

Guidice met with the sponsor of the bill Senator Michael Gianaris and the Senator agreed to hold the bill until this issue can be resolved.  "Street openings can be extremely complicated and paying unqualified people more money to do work that they have no business doing, simply does not make sense.  While we support the concept of prevailing wage; we cannot support legislation that does not include a comprehensive approach to determining competency in excavation." concluded Guidice.