IBEW Utility Labor Council Looks Foward to Working with Governor Hochul

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2021
Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to resign from his office, citing his reasoning behind his decision as being for the good of New York. 
Throughout his term of office, the path of the electric and gas utility industry has been directly and deeply affected by the influence he has projected.
The Governor's resignation will bring some political stability in Albany so the State government will be allowed to function effectively.
Here at the Utility Labor Council, we take our responsibility seriously to ensure that our political issues will not be sidelined during this tumultuous period in New York. Throughout this mess, we will continue to stay active politically to protect our families.
In 14 days, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will become the first woman to hold the office of Governor of New York.
We are confident that she has what it takes to move this State forward and we will work with her as she prepares to take office.  We look forward to working with her and her staff to further the best interests of all of the Locals affiliated with the IBEW Utility Labor Council and the people of the State of New York.