Happy Thanksgiving

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 23, 2017

We are now entering into the season of thanks. On Thursday, families will come together to give thanks for the many gifts and bounties they have received over the past year. This year, the IBEW Utility Labor Council is giving thanks for their members. Throughout New York, our  members keep the power running for millions. Our members work hard to make sure that your lights never go out, from ensuring the proper amount of power is being generated to maintaining the lines that deliver the power to your house. They keep the gas flowing and and power plants generating power. Our members are also the first to respond, no matter the weather, when Mother Nature wreaks havoc on our electrical system. This past year when disasters struck in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico our electrical workers were some of the first people on the scene. As you will see below, our members are also working to modernize the Empire State's power grid as part of the state's effort to become a leader in lowering carbon emissions. On behalf of the hardworking IBEW Utility Labor Council members, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and say thank you for keeping the lights on.

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