Being at the Table During Times of Change

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
As the energy market is changing, the Utility Labor Council is working hard to protect jobs and to protect the rate paying consumers. This year in Albany we worked on a plan to re-purpose old generating plants that are being taken out of service and turn them into renewable energy plants. The bill was known as S.9036/A.11282 and was sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Joseph Griffo and Assemblyman Michael Cusick. Not only does this plan save jobs and bring us closer to the Governor's Clean Energy Standard, but it also saves ratepayers money. Imagine a closed coal plant reopening as a natural gas plant or wind farm.
While we are disappointed that the plan was not passed before the end of session, we will spend the next few months working with legislators in Albany to work out the details and ensure that we hit the ground running in January. We must take action to preserve our environment, jobs, and low energy costs.