Vote No on the Con Con

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Prop 1 is on the back of the ballot. Turn to the back. Stop the attack. A con con is Pandora's Box. Here are some of things at stake:

Stop Greed, Corruption, & Insider Politics

  • At Least $550 MILLION in taxpayer dollars will be lavished on a Constitutional Convention. Delegates will pocket $80,000 each.
  • Delegates who hold NYS office will get their full salary AND their convention paychecks at the same time. That's double dipping for hundreds of politicians.
  • Delegates get paid every year. For unlimited years. Plus, they can hire family members and cronies from their staffs and pay them, too.
  • Delegate don't have to accomplish anything to be paid. It's a boondoggle.
  • At the last convention in 1967, 4 of 5 delegates were Albany insiders.
  • No serious person can expect a convention of Albany insiders to take on Albany's culture of corruption. They never have.

Stop Waste and Inefficiency

  • The NYS Constitution can be changed at any time through amendments. There is no need for a long, costly, inefficient convention.
  • The Constitution has been amended 200+ times since 1894.
  • After the last Con Con in 1967, voters rejected EVERY SINGLE CHANGE that the delegates proposed. After spending tens of millions of dollars, the convention accomplished nothing.

Preserve Wildlife, Trees, Parks and Open Space

  • Article 14 promises that places like the Catskills and Adirondacks "shallbe forever kept as wild forest lands."
  • Con Con would expose lands to clear-cut logging, fracking and development.
  • Sierra Club, Food and Water Watch, Adirondack Council, Friends of the Forest, Protect the Adirondacks, Environmental Advocate of NY, ADK Mountain Club- these are just some of the environmental groups that oppose the con con.

Protect Cops, Firefighters, & First Responders

  • Article 5 protects cops, firefighters, nurses and first responders by guaranteeing the retirement safety they've earned on our streets.
  • PBA (Police Benevolent Association): The statewide police organization rejects con con.
  • NYSPFF (NYS Professional Firefighters Association): The Statewide firefighter organization rejects con con.
  • NYSNA (NYS Nurses Association): The statewide nurses organization rejects con con.
  • UEMSO (Uniformed EMS Officers): The statewide EMS organization rejects con con.

Defend Kids, Public Schools and Teachers

  • Article 11 guarantees all children the right to a free public education.
  •  Advocates of vouchers, religious schools, privatization and charter schools want a con con so they can diminish our constitutional right to public schools.
  • One of the changes adopted at the last convention in 1967 allowed public monies to be used to pay for religious schools. If voters hadn't rejected it, our entire public education system would have changed drastically.
  • Article 5 protects teachers safe retirement after decades of service to children.

Shield the Vulnerable

  • Article 17 protects the vulnerable by guaranteeing the "aid, care and support of the needy."
  • Mental health, public health, SNAP, veterans services, HEAP & elder care are just some of the programs operated under the umbrella of article 17.

Stand for Working People

  • Article 1 promises that labor- like electricians, steelworkers and plumbers- can form unions.
  •  Right-to-work predators want to use the con con to turn NY into an anti-worker state like Wisconsin or Alabama.
  • Article 1 guarantees workers comp for people injured on the job.
  • AFL-CIO, CSEA, NYSUT, IBEW, and unions across the state oppose con con.

Sustain Political Diversity

In addition to all the organizations noted above, here are just a few more of the 100+ coalition partners that have formed New Yorkers Against Corruption to oppose the con con:  

  • Left: Working Families Party | Equality NY | Planned Parenthood | NAACP | LGBT Network | Se hace camino Nueva York (Make the Road NY) | LI Progressive Coalition 
  • Right: Conservative Party | Council of Churches | NYS Rifle & Pistol Association | NYS Right to Life | NYS Republican Party

Turn to the Back. Stop the Attack

  • Prop 1: "Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution and amend the same?"
  • Prop 1 is on the BACK of the ballot! Turn the ballot over and vote No!
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