ULC Opposes S7435 (LaValle)/A.9044 (Engelbright)

Date Posted: 
Friday, March 16, 2018
On behalf of the 15,000 men and women of the IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State, we oppose S.7435 (LaValle)/A.9044 (Engelbright). This legislation would require the Public Service Commission (PSC) to determine the amount of tax saving of public utilities recently received in New York state and make recommendations on how to pass that savings on to the ratepayers.
While well intended this would amount to a very minimal return to ratepayers. Instead, investment in infrastructure and the workforce would yield much greater benefits. Governor Andrew Cuomo just called upon the Public Service Commission to investigate the lack of response to the Hudson Valley storm restoration. For years since Superstorm Sandy and years before the IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State has and will continue to educate lawmakers that the lack of investment in infrastructure and human resource is directly responsible for major problems arising during times of crisis.

If the legislature truly wants to use the money to the benefit of the ratepayer, they would require the tax savings to be invested to produce better service for the ratepayers. For these reasons the IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State opposes this legislation in its current form and asks that lawmakers vote "no" when it comes before you in committee.
For more information please contact Glen Casey, Legislative Representative, at (518) 331-8837.


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