NYPA Transmission Upgrades

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Part LL of the State Budget will allow NYPA to make transmission upgrades by themselves or partner with a private utility for the purpose of transmitting renewable power generation for reliability purposes or to meet its energy-related goals. It also provides a funding mechanism for NYPA to execute a project, expand NYPA's customer base and require reporting on projects ordered under this section.

W support this legislation in concept, however, it is clear that upstate New York has and will continue to have bottleneck transmission problems for the foreseeable near future. This part of the budget should address the fact that upstate New York generates more capacity than can be delivered further down state because of significant delays in repeated needs acknowledgment by the NYS Public Service Commission and the New York Independent System Operators. They have long advocated for major transmission upgrades throughout the State.  

Existing transmission bottlenecks prevent surplus, "made in NY" zero-carbon electricity from upstate regions to downstate load centers, and also adds significant "congestion" costs during a period of peak demand. Providing NYPA the authority to plan and maintain transmission upgrades for the purpose of transmitting power and energy generated by renewable generation projects that are located in whole or in part outside state jurisdictional waters - is an affront to the hard-working men and woman that currently work tirelessly to generate zero carbon electricity only to have it curtailed.

Also, water for hydroelectricity returned to waterways instead of making hydroelectricity is being "dumped" into New York during periods of surplus and displacing New York made zero carbon electricity due to delays in upgrading New York's existing transmission lines.

We urge the Executive and the Legislature to amend the effective date to 2022. It is critical that New York State advance fully analyzed A/C transmission upgrades to the existing infrastructure before allowing NYPA the authority to participate in projects allowed by this Part.


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