NYPA Energy Station Projects

Date Posted: 
Monday, February 18, 2019
Part KK of the State Budget will allow NYPA to finance, design, develop, construct, implement, provide and administer, energy-related projects, programs, and services for itself and provide energy services for any public entity including adding energy supply reliability to projects they can get into.
The IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York State supports this section of the budget, however, urges the following amendments:
The Utility Labor Council requests that privately owned utilities be given the same authority as NYPA in the construction and maintenance of electric charging stations. Included in this request would be that either entity pay prevailing wage, agree to apprenticeship language, and maintenance of effort provision for the long-term upkeep and management of these charging stations.

We are extremely concerned that whether its NYPA or a privately owned utility, these entities may use under-qualified and unskilled contract labor form potentially out of state for the construction and maintenance of these facilities. Therefore, having the proper labor protections will ensure that the work to construct and maintain these charging stations is performed by residents of New York and workers who are trained by industry approved standards. 

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