Environmentalists Attempt to Overregulate the Cryptocurrency Industry having Unintended Consequences on the Workforce

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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Pat Guidice, Chair of the IBEW ULC, is leading the effort to oppose S7006-A (Kelles) which relates to certificate conditions for dormant power generating facilities that are in layup or out of service.  The Assembly attempted to pass this bill which has cryptocurrency industry implications. The IBEW Utility unions opposed this bill. "We believe that employer forced layups or service outages by a company resulting in a loss of a certificate and requiring a new certificate to be issued by the PSC for re-activating a facility to operate can have a negative result of the workforce." said Guidice. 

Guidgooice continued "Danskammer electric generation plant in the Hudson Valley experienced a similar situation and upon receiving a new certificate the facility went non-union.  We also see continuity issues; destabilization of the workforce and grid as additional potential problems." The bill never made it to a vote because of the efforts of Utility Labor Council.


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